Sunday, 28 August 2011

Very bad blogger

Hello friends,
Well I may just happen to be the worst blogger ever lol!Life has just been so busy in the last month.My daughter Kate has had another kidney infection and this of course means another admission to hospital,this has been her 3rd admission in 4 months.Her Paedeatric Urologist is at the Sydney Childrens Hospital,so this means that when she is admitted to hospital it is 2 hours from home.I am so thankfull to my Mum who steps in and looks after the other girls while I am at the hospital with Kate,but I still miss my other girls so much.She is doing alot better now,but she still has some kidney pain which hopefully will get better in time.Our family was struck down with the flu this week even I was sick.Thankfully I think we are all getting better.Tommorow is my precious little Annie's 4th birthday,I cant believe it has been 4 years since the Lord blessed us with her.She has brought so much love and joy to our life.So today we are going to my Mums to have a birthday party with the family.The weather here is just lovely at the moment the promise of spring and warmer days is in the air.Well this week I am really going to try to get myself out of bed earlier,this is something I struggle with.You see I am a night owl,so when 6am comes around I just feel like I need more sleep.I know I get my school day off to a better start when I am up earlier and I also get much more accomplished in the day too.Well I hope everyone is well and having a blessed weekend,please leave a comment and let me know you were here.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm Back

Hello friends,
Wow what a busy couple of weeks I have had.I had intended to get back to my blog but I just had one thing after another.Well it kicked of about 2 weeks ago,We had a wedding to attend 2weeks ago (9th July) and all our 4 daughters were flower girls in the wedding.Well I dont need to tell you how precious that was and they all looked absolutley gorgeous,but in the days before the wedding I was busy making sure everyone had there outfits sorted (mummy and daddy included lol),purchasing new matching shoes for the girls and a heap of stuff that I probably dont remember.Matt was out till late on the Friday night before the wedding helping the bride and groom set up,and of course when I went to pick up Matts suit from the dry cleaners on the Friday afternoon it was not ready although the lady assured me it would be ready by morning ( I guess that serves me right for leaving it till the last minute).All turned out well in the end the suit was picked up Saturday morning and I started the task of doing 4 very exited girls hair.It was just a blessed day we were able to catch up with some old friends as well as meet some new ones,we had a great time.We have also had some hospital appointments for Kate she had a MRI done 10 days ago,she actually found the experience very traumatic,We go back to the hospital this coming Tuesday to get the results,if I could ask that you please be in prayer for that.Our homeschooling has started again and I am praying for a very productive term after last term when Matt was sick in hospital with mennangitis and Kate spent alot of time admitted to hospital as well (more on that coming in future posts).So that is what has been happenning in our life over the last few weeks,Please leave a comment so I know you were here also if you have any prayer request please leave them in the comments as well as I would be honoured to pray for you :).I will be back hopefully later today or tommorow with another installment of our year so far lol.

Many Blessings,
Me getting Annie dressed. I love how she is looking at Matt.

From left, Annie, Ruby, Kate and Abbie
I just love this photo

Monday, 4 July 2011

Part 2 and the daily happenings.

I am back.I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead.Its the first week of school holidays here in NSW,we do enjoy the easier pace of the school holidays even though we dont go to school.We have had a great weekend,Kate plays soccer so our Saturday morning was started bright and early.The team played a great game and she scored a goal which she was thrilled about.Matt was home on Saturday and he got this great idea that he would like to spring clean the girls rooms from top to bottom.Anyone out there who has girls knows what this kind of job entails,oh dear I wondered if he new what he had gotten himself into.So the girls rooms look great,but I secretly wonder for how long.Sadly we didnt get to church on Sunday,Matt was rostered on to work.If I am truthful I find it very hard to go to church alone with the girls.I dont mean the logistics of it,I am talking about the feeling of being a single mother with 4 girls.I must however clarify,I am blessed to be married to a wonderful hubby who loves the Lord,but he is a shift worker and works most weekends.He averages getting to church with us one to two times a month depending on his shifts.Its the other weeks that its hard,that I feel lonely sitting in church alone while the girls are in kids church activities.I probably make it on my own when Matt is at work 8 out of 10 times which I think is pretty good still could do better though,but I just couldnt face it on Sunday.Now before anyone thinks I am having a little poor me pity party lol,I do realised just how blessed I am to have a hubby who rather be in church with his family if given the choice,I realise that that is not the case for so many familys out there.Anyway on to part 2 of my story,so we have just been told that Matt has Mennangitis and will be admitted to hospital for probably a week.So its Monday morning and we are informed that they finally have a bed for him in the ward,hooray I was beggining to think that we would be spending all this time in emergency as we had been there at this point since Friday evening.At this point the last time I slept was Thurday night,I had briefly came home on Saturday evening to have a shower and change my clothes.Sunday he was so sick that I didnt dare leave his side for a minute,he was very distressed and in terrible pain.I am so thankful to my Mum and sister who just moved into our home and took over with the girls,they made is so all I had to think about was Matt and helping him get well.Matt doesnt have much memory of the Saturday or Sunday,he was on morphine to try to control his pain.The things that he does however remember is me continually praying over him,crying out to God "Jesus please heal him","Thankyou Lord that you go before us and we are not alone","Please Lord bring us through this storm so we can give you the glory".By Monday morning the Lord had brought about some some relief for Matt,I guess knowing what we were facing being mennangitis and also they had started him on treatment and pain managment so he could get some rest.We were thankful that he had a room by himself as he needed the room dark he could not tolerate light for a couple of weeks,it also meant that as he progressed in his recovery we would be able to bring the girls up for short visits as they were so worried and desperatley missing there Daddy.Monday night came around and he was all tucked into bed,both Matt and my Mum had insisted that I go home and get some sleep.I didnt want to leave my best friend there in hospital alone still so sick,but that last word sounded so good and I knew they were right as I didnt really know what day it was or the time of day all my days had blended into one since Friday.I knew the Lord was watching over him now it was time for some SLEEP!!!!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hello and our year so far.

Hello there everyone,welcome to my blog.I am totally new to blogging,I have enjoyed reading many blogs over the last 5 years but never written one myself.Over the last 6 months I have felt the desire to write the happening of my life down.We have certaintly in the last few years had our fair share of ups and downs with our daughter Kate health struggles,but the Lord is good and faithful.Well I dont really know where to start,as most days we just plod along getting our school work done,getting chores done,cooking,playing etc.But the last 4 months in our home have been somewhat out of the ordinary.You see about 3 months my dear husband complained to me at lunchtime of a headache,we thought nothing of it he took some panadol and we all got on with our day.About 3pm he decided to go off to bed,complaining of feeling worse.I thought then it was perhaps a migraine,something he has had in the past but not to this degree.After the girls went to bed around 8pm I went up to the bedroom to check on him,I will never forget the way he looked.Sweat was pouring out of him,he was barely conscious that still small voice in my head said Janelle this is SERIOUS.Not sure what to do,I phoned the radio doctor.He arrived after about 1 hour and offered Matt a injection of Tramadol for the pain,with instructions to get him to hospital.So being unable to move him,It was decided to call for an ambulance.That night was a horrible one watching Matt so sick in pain like I have never seen before.Anyway to cut a long story short we stayed in emergency from Friday night till Monday morning having test after test,Blood,Urine,CT Scan,Lumbar Puncture.While waiting for results Matt started declining very fast,and was requiring oxygen,he was extremely distressed.I honestly did not know if Matt was going to pull through,I was so fearful of losing my best friend.Late Sunday night they got some initial results on the Lumbar Puncture saying it was looking to be Mennangitis,a swelling of the lining of the brain.Mennangitis is very serious and sadly people still lose there lives to it or can have lasting serious side affects.
                                   To be continued
Many Blessings